meat and Sea food ingredients supplier in United Arab Emirates

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meat and Sea food ingredients supplier in United Arab Emirates
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This division is involved in the stock and sale of fine and functional ingredients for various applications.

Snacks, Biscuits, Bakery Confectionery
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liquid starch uae
The Fanar Food Ingredients Division with warehouses in UAE and Dammam (KSA), is devoted to providing a wide range of Fine and Bulk Food Ingredients to the food processing industry in the GCC, accompanied by the best possible service. This division considers itself as the customer’s partner in product development and customer satisfaction is the primary goal. This division has a production facility in the name of Al Fanar Food Industries LLC. It is a HACCP certified firm involved in the production and distribution of powder blends. Our product range includes seasonings, marinades, brines, bakery mixes, yoghurt and beverage stabilizers. The company is constantly in the process of developing new products to meet national and international demands.
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food packaging equipment • Innovative approach to product development
• Market trend analysis
roasting nuts and seeds
sunflower and pumpkin seeds This division is involved in the stock and sale of fine and functional ingredients for various applications.
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almond peanut Fanar ingredients has come a long way in the past decade with strengths such as trained & dedicated staff from multi-lingual and...
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