food technology & food packaging equipment for sale UAE

Welcome to Food Engineering

Our Food Engineering Division supports and caters to the demands of equipment required for a large variety of food processing applications.Our team of experienced Engineers & Food Technologists work together to provide total solutions to the food industry,both for an individual equipment or complete turnkey projects in food processing.

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Activities of the Engineering Division


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We find the customer's requirement in terms of capacity,quality and type of product.A procedure to manufacture the specified product is then selected,thus limiting the field of machinery choice.

We then specify details(engineering specifications)for components(type,capacity)and perform an upstream /downstream tie up to recheck appropriate requirements.We also create drawings(pre-engineering)of factory layout for our clients and on approval the necessary machinery is procured from manufacturer(s).


food technology & food packaging equipment for sale UAE

We start by carefully unloading the equipment.After Which the placing is simulated with a schematic diagram.Once the determination of power such as:water,steam, completed;the process of commissioning is started by implementing a carefully planned schedule which is used to co-ordinate different contractors working on the site.The commissioning process begins after installation,and,will only end after the factory is opertional and running at the desired capacity to produce a product of optimum quality.This is how we ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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After Sales Services

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Every time a factory or new line is commissioned by Fanar,it comes with guaranteed high quality After-sales Service 'twenty-four-hours-a-day','seven-days-a-week'.Our trained technicians provide regular visits and follow up calls to ensure trouble-free operation of the installed machinery.We regularly stock commonly required spare parts to ensure prompt replacement.On request,we also provide post installation technical support that may be required for adopting a new process.We also offer help in enhancing product quality & lowering of production costs.

Our Expertise

Our expertise includes equipment for

Flavored Nuts

Natural Chips

Tortilla Chips

Fried Pellets

Extruded Snacks

Breakfast Cereals

Beverage &Soft Drinks

Ice lollies

Seafood & Seafood Processing

Canned Fish


Breaded and Coated Meat Systems


Emulsified Meat Product

Fruit &Vegetable Processing

Bakery,Biscuites,Confectionery,Oils & Fats


Sauces & Ketchups,Spices &Mixes,Dates,tec

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Our Major Suppliers

cabinplant:Seafood processing


Reich:Hot & cold Smoking/Cooking Machines

Tomra:Electronic Sorting Technology

Ziegra:Chip-flake Ice Machinery

Noxerior:noncryogenic air-seperation plants for nitrogen and oxygen generation

AWE Poland:Hygienic Equipments

Stalam:.Defrosting Meat/Seafood/vegetables

Rex:Meat filling/forming equipment for sausages,hamburgers,meatball etc

Samag:Stainless steel lifting

Mado:Meat processing;mixer/mincer,bowlcutter,bandsaw

Vakona:Tumbling/Mixing,Grinding & Conching

Mesutronic:Industrial Metal Detection

Viking Masek:Stickpack machine,Vffs m/c

Apack:Vacuum pack,Tray sealer,thermoforming m/c

Eillert:Fruits and vegetable processing

M&P:Onion Peeler

Jacob white:Cartoning machine-Food

Mill Powder Tech Solution:Specialize in Mills & Mixers

La Garde:Sterilization technology by autoclave

Nock:Fish processing

Unikon:Industrial Washing Machines

Fitpack:Flexible packaging m/c(horizontal)

Bionot:Dry Nuts Processing Machines

ARC:Bunching Machine

Lorenzo:Clipping equipment for meat processing

Micvac:Ready Meals

Schneider:Waste water treatment

Rosenqvists:Chips,French fries,Pellet & Nuts,Frying line

industrial food packaging

Metalsystem:Loading Dock Solutions

Sipromac:Meat Processing Equipment

Manulatex:Metal Gloves,Aprons


Lorapack:Flowwrapping Packaging

PND:Fruitprocessing Machinery

Pigo:Vegetable Processing Machinery

NDC:Food industry Applications

Turnkey Project Management

An increasingly popular trend is to use turn-Key project management services where we handle a project from concept to commissioning following the principles of Design & Building .We Basically Operate as Engineering Procurement Contractors.

Improved Design due to a better co-ordination and experience

Enhanced downstream /uostream optimazation

single point Responsibility and Interaction

Lower cost due to efficient management

Optimization of space and other utilities

Design to incorporate future expansion

Full utilization of plants &machinery

Timely execution

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